The Guidance Units operate as a service arm of the school. The services extend primarily to the students but its clientele also includes the adult community composed of the faculty members, the administrators and the service personnel. It also extends its services to the parents of the students and the school’s alumni. In its services, the guidance aims to assist its clientele whether individually or as a group in their total development as a human being. It also hopes to carry out the mission-vision of the institution through the effective implementation of its guidance services. 

The Guidance Program is developmental in nature. Students gain more solid, long lasting benefits if the guidance activities seek to contribute step by step to their long term development. 


An Institutional Guidance and Testing Center which is dynamic, responsive and committed to the holistic development of the SBCA students and guidance personnel guided and inspired by the Benedictine ideals of prayer and work. 


To effectively implement guidance and testing program that would facilitate the total formation of the SBCA clientele and continuously enhance personal and professional growth of guidance personnel.