The counselors create a warm and trusting environment to encourage and support pupil’s self-discovery.

  • Routine Interview

    Annual interviews with pupils are conducted to help in establishing rapport between counselors and pupils. These sessions serve as springboard in knowing the children better as will as basis or future counseling.

  • Counseling Sessions

    Sessions are conducted to assist pupils in working out plans for solving certain difficulties.

    • Individual Counseling – a session between the counselor and the client.
    • Group Counseling – a session between the counselor and a group of children with common concerns.
  • Play Therapy and Art Therapy

    This is offered to children who may need more frequent and less structured encounters. They express themselves through art or play as the counselor helps them thresh out their difficulties.

Consultation / Collaboration

As the need arises, the counselor may consult with a teacher, the administrators and/or the parents in order to exchange views as to the best way to work cooperatively toward helping the child. Articulation of concerns and ideas are discussed and considered thereby maximizing assistance for each pupil.

  • Parent Conferences
  • Teacher Conferences
  • Conferences with Administrators
  • Referrals to Outside Agencies / Specialists

Guidance Classes

The Level Counselor meets the pupils twice a month in the class. Process – oriented activities are provided that will facilitate the emotional and psychological development of pupils as well as help them acquire effective social skills. 

Individual Inventory

A cumulative record containing pertinent information about each child is kept and regularly updated by their respective counselors:

  • Pupil Information Sheet (PIS)
    • Pupil’s Development Progress Rating
  • Pupil’s development Progress Rating (PDPR) for Preschool
  • Annual Pupil’s Personality Rating Scale (APPRS) for Level 3-14
  • Test Results
    • Admission
    • Diagnostic Tests
    • Mental Ability Tests
    • Personality Tests
  • Counseling Report
  • Case Report

Placement and Follow-up

The Counselors observe and assess the following pupils:

  • pupils on academic probation
  • pupils on disciplinary probation
  • pupils recommended for the special program such as the HPL
  • pupils transferring to other schools
  • admission to high school
  • pupils referred as a case

Recommendation and feedback as needed are also forwarded. 


Available and pertinent data gathered are periodically given to the pupils, the parents, the teachers and the administrators. It is aimed further improvement on one’s attitudes, habits, personality and total well-being. Such may be done through.

  • brochures
  • newsletters
  • seminars
  • symposium
  • case conference
  • orientation progress
  • dissemination of test results
  • Career Guidance

Research and Evaluation

The Guidance Center evaluates its program regularly. Data gathered are utilized in making developmental plans for the individual learner, improvement of the guidance program, as well as improvement of the school’s instructional system.