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The world of work has changed significantly and to this effect our job search strategies should be attuned to the demands of the present time. Competition is not anymore local but global so much so that the educational institution is challenged to provide the students with sufficient information and equipped them with job-hunting skills and techniques needed for planning and conducting effective job search.

It is with this challenge that the CAS Guidance Center has come up with a placement program to address these concerns, and consequently guide students in finding job fitted to their field of specialization.

To achieve this task, the office will have to continuously establish linkages with the Alumni, CAS Parent-Faculty Council, companies, industries, and organizations to have greater access to the present employment status and trends and jobs available in the market that are related to their field of specialization. Eventually, the task would serve as a leeway in establishing and strengthening linkages for the graduates and alumni.

Placement Activities

  1. Occupational Information Service
    • Placement Bulletin Board
        To inform students of the vacancies and corresponding qualifications a certain post would require in the different companies, industries, and organizations.
    • Job Fair
        To acquaint students with the wide range of employment trends and opportunities of different participating companies, industries, & organizations in the annual job expo.
  2. Networking with companies, industries, & organizations
      To establish and strengthen partnership with different companies, industries, and organizations.
  3. Evaluation & Follow-up
    • Bedans in the workplace
        To regularly ask feedback from the companies, industries, and organizations as regards Bedans’ employment and performance status.
    • Feedbacking with the academic department
          To share gathered data to the academic department and people concerned vital for program development/enhancement.