The first Batch of students of San Beda College Alabang School of Law enrolled in the year 2005-2006 The institution promised to give the “best quality education that San Beda College of Law is well known for and at the same time be everything that SBC Law could provide”. The school offered a perfect environment for law studies, the wide space, security and peace of rally-free surroundings.
The Commission on Higher Education recently lifted the moratorium in the giving of permits for new law schools allowing SBC School of Law to apply for recognition and as such, has already completed all the necessary requirements needed for its recognition as a separate entity from the San Beda College of Law.

Presently, the SBC Alabang School of Law is now given full autonomy for the first and second year levels in the SY 2008-2009 and its third year level in the SY 2009-2010. This means that the School of Law is considered as a separate and independent juridical entity apart from SBC Law Mendiola in all year level except in the fourth year level. Hopefully, by SY 2010-2011, the SBC School of Law will be given full recognition. Lastly, 2009 is a milestone for the institution because the School of Law produced its first batch of law graduates and slated to take the 2009 Bar Examinations.