San Beda College Alabang
Alabang Hills Village, Muntinlupa City
Integrated Basic Education Department (PGS) 
A.  Assessment and Evaluation
       There are four assessment periods in school year. 
Each pupil is assessed and evaluated at the end of each assessment period based on the following:
*  Teachers’ daily observations on the spiritual, social, emotional and physical
*  Practical tests in the form of games using manipulative objects; and
*  Paper and pencil tests.
The schedule for practical and paper and pencil are unannounced.
The grading system in Preschool is descriptive. They are as follows:
  • 5 -  Very Evident
  • 4 -  Sufficiently Evident
  • 3 -  Evident
  • 2 -  Less Evident
  • 1 -  Not Yet Evident
Preschool pupils who manifest academic difficulties are recommended on the following:
  • Academic Monitoring if a pupil is having difficulty in two subjects; and
  • Close Academic Monitoring if a pupil is having difficulty in three or more subjects.
Positive reinforcements are extended to those who manifest behavioral concerns.  They are as follows:
  • Documented verbal reminder;
  • Parent conference;
  • Behavior Monitoring; and
  • Close Behavior Monitoring.
The teachers and administrators are in close coordination with the guidance counselor.
  1. 2. Grades 1 & 2
Each pupil is assessed and evaluated at the end of each assessment period based on the following:
  • Written Work (WW) -  include long quizzes and unit or long tests which would help  strengthen test-taking skills among the learners/pupils;
  • Performance Tasks (PT) - include group presentation or oral work which would allow learners/pupils to show what they know and are able to do in diverse ways.  They may creative innovative products or do performance-based tasks.  The products are assessed using the rubrics.
  • Quarterly Assessment (QA) - in the form of objective tests, performance-based assessment, or its combination.
             A letter to parents is given through the child regarding the schedule of test per subject.
 At the end of each assessment period, the performance of a pupil shall be reflected in the report card using the numerical system of grading. However, Computer, Robotics and Mandarin shall use descriptive grading system.
             A pupil is placed on academic status based on the following:
  • Academic Probation (AP) – if a pupil has one (1) grade below 75% in any subject
  • Strict Academic Probation (SAP) – if a pupil has two (2) grades below 75% in any academic subjects or 2 consecutive failing grades in a particular subject
  • Very Strict Academic Probation (VSAP) – if a pupil has three (3) grades below 75% in any academic subjects or three (3) or MORE consecutive failing grades in a particular subject


B. Special Programs for Grades 1 & 2
    1. Advanced Math is designed to provide training in preparation for local competitions which is offered to gifted Math pupils. 
    2.   Mandarin is a program designed to teach the pupils to speak the language in Grades 1 & 2. 
    3.   Robotics is designed to introduce basic architectural and mechanical construction among the pupils.
C.  Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities
Grades 1&2 pupils are automatic members of the clubs.  They are encouraged to pursue their interests and enhance their skills through membership in any of the clubs enlisted.  They are likewise required to attend the club activity once a week.
  • Art
  • Puzzle Mania
  • Juice & Sandwich Making
  • Dance
  • KAB Scounts
  • Larong Pinoy
  • Voice Kids
D.  School Rules and Regulations
       1.  Punctuality
Parents of children who incur habitual absences and tardiness are called for conferences by the Unit Coordinator.  Any pupil who arrives in class after the start of the first subject is considered tardy.  If a pupil is absent for one or two (2) days, an excuse letter must be given to the adviser upon reporting to school. 
If a pupil is absent for three (3) or more days due to an illness, an excuse letter attaching the medical certificate must be submitted to the office of the Vice-Principal together with the clearance from the school physician before he/she can be issued a permit to attend classes.
 2.   Suspension of Classes
Classes are suspended due to storm signal or discretion of the local government. However, when cancellation of classes is announced once classes have started, children stay in the classrooms with their advisers until their parents or school bus operators come and pick them up.  We don’t allow them to stay at the waiting area.       
In cases when heavy rains come causing floods in certain areas and classes are not suspended, parents shall decide on whether they should send their child to school taking into consideration their health and safety.  An excuse letter must be given to the adviser upon reporting to school.
       3.  Entrance and Exit
            Gate 2 is the entrance and exit of our Preschool children. 
             Gate 3 is the entrance and exit of Grades 1 & 2.
       4.  School Uniforms and Proper Grooming
             Regular school and P.E. uniforms and gala uniforms are available at the SBCA Bookstore. 
             ID is part of the school uniform  
            Gala uniform from Preschool to Grade 2 is worn every other month during children’s liturgy. All children are expected to observe the standards of good grooming.  Wearing of dangling earrings, bracelet, necklace and wristwatch is discouraged.  However, stud earrings are allowed.No fancy hairstyle is allowed either.  Hair bangs should not cover the eyebrows.  For boys, hair  should not touch the shirt collar nor cover the ears.  For girls, hair should be neatly combed and tied or pinned in place.       
     5.  Safety and Security
             Rollerblades, toy guns, mechanical and electronic gadgets, playing cards and the like are not allowed in campus or on the school bus. Possession of the said items shall be confiscated by the Unit Coordinator and to be returned after a conference with the parents.  School days are spent for academic activities.Therefore, holding of birthday parties, giving of tokens and loot bags are NOT allowed in school. 
              Pupils are encouraged to eat healthy food.  Therefore, junk food such as soft drinks, chips and the like are not allowed. 
        6.  Care for Mother Earth
             In support for the school’s thrust, “Imbibe the Culture of Protecting the Gifts of Mother Earth,” cookies, sandwiches and juice must be removed from the original packaging and these shall be placed in reusable containers. Food or viand must be cut into bite-size pieces and must be placed also in reusable containers.
        7.  Emergency Preparedness
            Every pupil/student is provided with his/her own Emergency Kit/Life Bag which will be used in cases ofdisasters such as earthquake and fire. Copy of the guidelines shall be provided upon its distribution.
        8.  Forms
            The following forms shall be secured from the office of the Vice-Principal: 
*  Admission Slip is used for tardiness and absences. 
*  Pupil’s Leave Form is used if a pupil goes on leave due to valid reason.  Leave must not exceed three (3) weeks. 
*  Form for Missed Lesson/s is used when the child reports to school due to illness and leave. 
*  Gate pass is used if a pupil will be picked up ahead of the dismissal timer due to valid reason.   A letter to the teacher must be presented prior to schedule to give ample time for the office to process the gate needed for the gate pass. 
*  Lost I.D. Form is used when a parent would like to request for a replacement of the lost ID.  Payment for ID shall be made through the Accounting Office. 
*  Special Permit is used only when pupils are asked to come on non- school day.
        9.  Parent-Conference
        Parents are welcome to confer with the teachers.  Appointments shall be made through the office of the Vice-Principal since teachers can only meet with parents during their free period or after class hours. The said office is not allowed to give the teacher’s personal contact number. 
 As a Catholic institution, parents, guardians and guests are required to wear decent attire upon entering the school campus.  Likewise wearing of slippers, shorts, undershirts (sando), mini-skirts and other skimpy outfit or revealing attire is not allowed.
For other inquiries please feel free to contact the staff Assistant of the office of the Vice-Principal using the trunk line number 236-7222 local 2001.
“That in all things God may be glorified”