The school's total educational formation takes into account the different aspects of the person's growth and maturity, namely: moral-religious; psycho-spiritual; intellectual; socio-cultural; physical. The academic program ensures that these aspects are considered for a balanced and wholesome development.

The relationship between said aspects and the academic program is thus developed:

  1. Moral-Religious: Christian Values Education (CVE) subjects, the Homeroom Program, liturgical and para-liturgical services, retreats and recollections, social action program, and values integration in the different academic subjects.

  2. Psycho-Spiritual: The Guidance program for groups and individuals, retreats and recollections.

  3. Socio-Cultural: Social Action Program, social studies program, club/organization activities, extra-curricular activities.

  4. Intellectual: All academic subjects and co-curricular activities.

  5. Physical: P.E. subjects, intramural and extramural athletic activities and extra-curricular activities.

Finally, all these processes have a bearing in the implementation and periodic review/redefinition of the SBCA Mission Statement and Goals since the latter is the manifestation of the collective vision of the SBCA academic community.