Schedule of Classes

For the Secont, Third and Fourth Year Levels, classes start at 7:20 A.M. everyday. Students are required to be in school by 7:00 A.M.

For the First Year Level, classes start at
10:00 A.M. everyday. Students are required to be in school by 9:30 A.M.

Enrichment Program

In general, this consists of competitions and opportunities provided for the gifted students to show their best talents and potentials. The Activity Program with its extra-and co-curricular activities, likewise give the students a chance to be more creative, resourceful and progressive in their field of interest.

Career Tracking Scheme (CTS)

This program is offered to the third and fourth year students. Students are grouped according to their talents, interests and levels of achievement. The grouping consists of the following sections: Medical Science, Physical Science (Engineering courses), Liberal Arts and Commerce, and Business Entrepreneurship.

Enrichment classes corresponding to their course are offered, for example: Human Anatomy, Analytic Geometry (Basic Calculus), Computer-Aided Design (CAD), etc. Additional subjects of Media Instruction Program and
Reading are offered to students to further enhance their skills in research, communication as well as reading comprehension.

Academic Assistance Program

The school offers Academic Assistance Program for students with deficiency in all subjects particularly in Science, Mathematics and English. Social Studies and Filipino, have special programs designed for foreign students. After an assessment of each quarter's performance, the school offers remedial classes to students who obtain a grade of 74% and lower in each of the subjects covered under the program.

Computer-Assisted Instruction Program (CAIP)

Computer instruction falls under two categories: courses in computer software and programming, and computer integration. Practical Arts subjects include AUTOCAD in Drafting, Microsoft Word, Visual Basic, Internet, HTML and Microsoft Access. These subjects compose the regular computer classes.

Computer Integration in all subjects particularly in Science, Mathematics and English is likewise provided in all year levels.