Retention Policies


The Grade Point Average (GPA) is the measure of the quality of the students’ general academic performance during a regular academic term. The promotion, graduation, honors and dismissal of students are determined by whether they have satisfied the GPA requirement for a given academic year. 

Only grades in academic courses including PE are included in the computation of the GPA. Subjects such as NSTP and those without a numerical grade equivalent are excluded in the GPA computation. 


For students to maintain their good standing in SBC, they should meet the required grades for readmission. 

Every two semesters, the overall or cumulative GPA of a student will be evaluated. The CGPA requirement for retention in San Beda College Alabang is 3.0. 

The cumulative GPA of incoming regular fourth year students will not be evaluated provided: 

  • They do not fail 50 % or more of the enrolled subjects for the semester prior to senior year; and
  • They will finish the course in at least one (1) academic year or in the next two semesters

Irregular fourth year students will be subject to the 3.0 CGPA requirement. 

The BS Accountancy program has a more stringent retention policy.