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The following are offered by the three guidance units namely the Grade School, High School and College Guidance offices.

  1. Individual Inventory

    A cumulative record is kept for each student containing information continuously collected throughout his/her whole stay in the school – information such as family background, psychological test results, counseling/interview records, personality profiles, teacher feedback/anecdotal, etc.

  2. Counseling

    There is an assigned counselor for each year level/ degree programs who sees to it that students have someone to talk with as regards personal/ academic/ family and other problems and concerns. The counselor helps the student develop his/her ability to explore the problem, consider possible solutions, make important decisions, and plan out a course of action. This service is conducted either individually or in group.

    Peer Counseling Program

    It is designed to provide opportunities for peer facilitators to develop their counseling and facilitating skills. The club serves as an extension arm of the Guidance units, to assist guidance counselors in the implementation of some of the guidance services.

  3. Routine Interview

    The counselor calls for each student periodically to find out how he/she is doing in school and whatever needs he/she has. The routine interview serves to update the information in the individual inventory.

  4. Exit Interview

    Before the student graduates from grade school, high school and college, he/she is given the opportunity to discuss with the counselor his/her future plans, assess needs to be addressed before he/she evaluates his/her growth and development in SBC and to give comments/ suggestions regarding the school.

  5. Group Guidance

    This provides the counselors a chance to meet the students regularly and conduct varied meaningful activities needed for their well-rounded development. It also helps in establishing rapport with them and following up their academic, personal, and social progress. For the students, this is a time when they can express their ideas, opinions and feelings more freely and learn consequently.

    Regular Guidance Classes

    The guidance counselor conducts regular varied meaningful activities that would assist students in their holistic development. The guidance curriculum is based on four (4) developmental thrusts namely: Self-Development, Academic Management and Achievements, Career Planning and Development, Awareness and Commitment to the Community.

  6. Research Studies

    This is the backbone of the guidance services since it is through this service that a lot of information and data are gathered which are utilized in making developmental plans not only for the individual learners but also for the different aspects of the school’s educational system.

  7. Services to Parents/ Teachers/ Staff

    Parents and teachers are encouraged to come to the Guidance Office frequently to discuss certain things about their child/ student which can help them understand matters of personal nature about their child/student. Counseling is also given to parents and teachers when needed. A yearly parent/faculty education seminar is also provided, topic of which depends on their identified needs and concerns.

  8. Vocational Guidance

    Career development is a life-long process in which SBCA, as an educational institution, plays an important role especially in terms of exposure of the students to various career options. Counselors offer to the students in-depth discussions regarding career choice specifically to students who find it difficult to decide. Vocational counseling basically involves exploring all options, enhancing self-awareness and guiding the students in the process of decision making.

  9. Information Service

    The students are provided with updated information on educational, occupational, social and personal matters through seminar-workshops, symposia, newsletters, bulletin board announcements, etc.

  10. Placement

    The Guidance prepares and assists the students for job placement (college), career tracking assignment and college admission (high school ) and the HPL class and high school admission (grade school )

  11. Testing Service

    This is handled by the psychometricians assigned in the Testing Center. The Testing Center provides the following services:

    • Admissions Testing
    • Educational Testing
    • Psychological Testing
    • Vocational and Career Assessment
    • Testing of Faculty and Staff applicants